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Technical approach

PHOENIX approach relies on a new overall architecture presented in the figure below:

Constituted by the key elements of the architecture to be deployed to develop suitable optimisation strategies for achieving adaptive/dynamic optimisation for multimedia information transmission over an IP-based wireless link, this new architecture presents in particular co-ordinating tools, named joint controllers, which implement the necessary controlling strategies. Their task is to drive the whole communication chain by providing selective protection of the transmitted data, by co-ordinating the scalable source encoder implementing data partitioning tools, the adaptive channel encoder designed to provide selective protection of the transmitted data and the dynamic modulator fitted to the channel transmission conditions.

The controlling activities are separated between the application and physical layers to provide the needed level of flexibility: while the joint controller at physical level will deal with the bit-by-bit optimisation, while the application level one will operate at a higher level, selecting suitable configurations based on the user criteria, the considered application, the ciphering system and the intended network protocols.